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My Story

Ken Gurley is a native Houstonian who likes to talk about Jesus. 

He and his wife, Tessie, have three married children and six grandchildren. Since 1988, he has served as lead pastor of First Church of Pearland and presently shares the pastoral role with Tyler Walea. He has filled numerous offices and has served on a variety of committees and boards.

His books include Four Tables, Point of Low Points, Worth the Wait, and The Book on Prayer: An Invitation to an Awakening. He also authored the ten-book series, Preaching for A New Millennium, and has blogged for the Houston Chronicle.


In addition to his pastoring, writing, and speaking, Ken serves as a church revitalization consultant and executive coach. He does weekday Facebook Live devotions with a prayer emphasis and weekly coaching calls with ministers.

My Books

Would you like to be a prayerful person? You can be.


If you’re anything like me, you may struggle with how to pray or to pray more effectively. This struggle explains my first reason for writing The Book On Prayer: An Invitation to an Awakening. I want to share with you what has helped me grow more prayerful. Through this book, you can see your prayer life transform from good, or even broken, to something beautiful.


My second reason for writing this book is found in the last part of the title. I want to invite you to an Awakening—a healing touch of Heaven for a sick world. We desperately need God to reveal Himself and we are confident He will do what He has done in the past: respond to the prayers of His people. Come join us in seeking God’s Face.


Prayer does not have to be complicated or tedious. What streams are to a desert, prayer is to our thirsty souls. When we pray, we absorb God’s Life and share this with those around us. Within this book are 21 daily devotions designed to encourage you to become a person of prayer. This is a systematic way for you to grow in prayer.


If we can awaken to prayer, God can awaken our land.

Join us. 

In the press

Why don't we pray?


This is a must read for any believer! The Book on Prayer is a practical guide to develop a life of prayer. It reveals the power in both personal prayer and united corporate prayer. Throughout the book there is adaily focused devotion for 21 days of prayer. Highly recommend.

-Elijah Mayo

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